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The End of Web - An alternate reality game


The scenario:


It’s 2061.  Western governments who enjoyed wealth and power for centuries, could no longer pay their crippling debts to the East. Their resulting war has been all but lost. The famine, riot, looting and disorganization in the cities has brought all war efforts to a standstill. The elite forces held in reserve have simply disbanded.

In desperation, the G20 governments announce that in 30 days, the internet will be switched off in a last effort to cripple the eastern economy and save their own.

What will happen in the next thirty days, before the internet is turned off and all communication between people is cut off?

The underground predict that world leaders will make an the announcement on October 11th 2067, but this could just be a hoax ... but what if it's true?


What will be your story? 













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DeanGroom said

at 12:31 pm on Jul 11, 2009

The 'cylores' has been replaced by the Wireless Underground - with a much better backstory (thanks Dennis)

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